🤨 What is this?
The MissingBus.ie website serves as a tool to track instances of “ghost” buses, which refers to buses that are scheduled to arrive at a specific stop but never show up.

The app allows users to submit information about the bus, bus stop, and time of the supposed arrival. This input data is then compiled into a public sheet and sent to National Transport Authority as a complaint email on a weekly basis automatically.

The data will also be automatically posted to the @missingbus.ie twitter account.
☝️️ Disclaimer
MissingBus.ie is not affiliated with any government organisations or any other public transportation company.

This website is a user-generated platform for collecting information about missing buses and is not officially endorsed or supported by any official entity.
🚍 Why?
The purpose of this website is twofold:
Keep track of the frequency of ghost bus occurrences in order to identify patterns and address the issue.
Raise awareness of the problem and encourage action from relevant parties.
🚏 About
MissingBus.ie is a proactive initiative born from the frustration of a Dublin Bus user fed up with “ghost” buses.

My goal is to raise awareness and find a solution to this common problem that affects so many of us.I believe that by sharing information and providing data, we can work towards a better and more efficient public transportation system in Dublin.

This website does not generate any type of revenue. The only objective is about creating something that can help our government resolve the issue of ghost buses.

Thank you for your support and look forward to working with you to improve public transportation in Dublin.
➡️ bustimes.org
Thanks to bustimes.org, we're able to provide a real-time map of bus stops that shows you exactly where your bus is located. This means you can plan your journey more efficiently and avoid unnecessary waiting times.

We're grateful to bustimes.org for allowing us to use their map, and we encourage you to visit their website for more information about their services.
👁️ GDP and Data Veracity

All data collected through this website is submitted solely by the users and is not filtered in any way.

As a result, some instances reported may be inaccuracies or deliberately falsified.

The website is designed to serve as a data bank and the focus is on analysing patterns and overall trends rather than individual incidents.

Importantly, no personal information is collected from the users. The purpose of this app is to gather information in order to identify areas for improvement in the public transportation system, not to collect personal data.

The data collected will be posted automatically on twitter for everybody. Make sure to follow and share so more people use this tool in the future.

✉️ Contact

To get in touch, send an email to: